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ISR Faculty and Staff are invited to use the new ISR Data Science Portal

This page will guide you through the process of creating your profile, highlighting your projects, and discovering events and resources that will support data science research. 

Create your personal and project profiles

Your profile highlights your research background and expertise. Important note: You do not need to consider yourself a “data scientist”  to create a profile. If you are interested in joining a data science project in the future, create a profile now to increase your chances of joining a new team.

  • Enter your University of Michigan email address on the Registration page.
  • Check your email inbox for your credentials.
  • Follow the email instructions to login.
  • Create your profile, add your expertise, and data science projects.
  • The people portal can be filtered by social science domains, methodological expertise, and programming expertise. The more expertise you list, the easier it will be for others to find you.
  • Once you have a profile on this website, you can update it at any time by clicking on the Dashboard button in the upper right.

Add data science/big data research-related events to our event calendar

  • Add your event to the “Happening @ Michigan” University of Michigan Event Calendar
  • Tag your event with “Data Science”
  • If you add “Institute for Social Research” as an event co-sponsor, your event will also be listed on the ISR Event Calendar

Discover Resources

Find sources for funding, data, and more on our frequently updated resource page. If you are aware of resources that are not currently listed, please contact Jule Krüger, ISR Program Manager for Data Science and Big Data Research, so we can add them. Click here to contact Jule.

More ways to connect with the ISR data science community

  • Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on major program developments. Note: We use this mailing list very sparingly and will not use it for regular program and event announcements that can be distributed via the Portal and Slack space.
  • Join our ISR Data Science Slack Channel. This is our online community space. You can announce events, reach out for advice, create user communities, etc.
  • Join CoderSpaces, our weekly data science hubs hosted by members of the U-M community, to meet in person, share experience and knowledge, or get assisted on methodological and programming issues.