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A tradition of cutting-edge social science research

The Institute for Social Research (ISR) is a leader in developing and applying new social science methods, and training the next generation of social scientists. A growing number of ISR researchers are incorporating big data and data science research into their work.

Converging expertise

Data science is a team science, with multiple scholars contributing expertise in the fields of advanced math and statistics, computer science, and domain expertise.

ISR researchers contribute expertise in advanced social science methodology and domain expertise to collaborative data science research projects. Partnerships with researchers from outside of ISR contribute deeper knowledge of advanced math and statistics, computer science, and specific domains.

Resources for collaboration

This ISR Data Science Portal supports data science and big data research involving ISR scholars by:

Building connections between potential collaborators.
Providing information on available data science resources within the ISR, across the University of Michigan, and beyond.
Advancing knowledge through training opportunities and curricula.

To learn more about Data Science at the ISR, get to know ISR experts, browse ongoing research projects, and explore resources available for data science research.