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Criminal Justice Administrative Records System (CJARS)

Center for Inequality Dynamics

Sub-National Data Archive System for Social and Behavioral Data (SUNGEO)

American Family Health Study

Characterizing disparities in Alzheimer’s disease risk through polygenic risk and epidemiologic factors in the Health and Retirement Study

Centralized WorldPay Interstitial Page

National Neighborhood Data Archive (NaNDA)

Measuring the Impacts of Curatorial Actions

Creating a Data Quality Control Framework for Producing New Personnel-Based Science & Engineering Indicators

Correspondence Between Social Media and Survey Data Trends Over Time

The Social Science and Social Media Collaborative – Political Communication

Automating Analyses of Historical Survey Data on Abortion


The Social Science and Social Media Collaborative – Parenting

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  • CRED Auto Draft 61b5982667fc56a9fb0cfbbcba2b1bd5
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